Freelancer marketplace Creadoor joins the ecosystem

Freelancer marketplace Creadoor joins the ecosystem


The team at is delighted to welcome Creadoor as the latest startup to join the Ventures ecosystem, which already includes growing health and wellness brands such as Muscle Club, Swiss Research Labs and  Creadoor is an online marketplace that connects small businesses and individuals with local freelance photographers and video experts to help them create quality content for social feeds and other online promotions.

Creadoor launched in alpha across London in May 2019 and, following a test period, has been redeveloped to serve the needs of freelancers looking for paid creative projects and brand owners that are looking for content.  The new improved marketplace launched on 18 August 2020.

Says Reade Owen, Creadoor CEO:  “Founding and building Creadoor has been an incredible experience and we are just at that point of growth where being part of a supportive startup ecosystem such as is a real benefit.  As well as receiving startup mentoring from people who have ‘been there and done that’, I have access to a range of experts that can help Creadoor really take off through paid marketing, SEO, and technology insight.  With support from these specialist resources I expect to be able to achieve my growth ambitions far more quickly than if I was going it alone.”

“We have developed a unique startup culture and approach to getting things done” says CEO Andy Slack, “Every business that joins us gets specialist help relevant to their growth needs, whether marketing, content development, finance or regular mentoring sessions.  In addition, we run ecosystem-wide swarms where everyone rallies around a brand to help it achieve something big, such as launching a new product.  In our experience, this approach helps founders to achieve in a week the sort of goals that normally would take them 6 months to reach.”

Creadoor can be found at  To talk to a ventures expert about how the ecosystem could benefit your startup, contact Richard at