Opportunities Without Limitations

To empower our people to unlock the keys to their own future and achieve their ambitions by igniting their sparks of potential and fueling their passion and excitement for what they do. Through cultivating an opportunity-rich ecosystem which encourages collaboration, inspires experimentation, rewards innovation and values the importance of personal growth and wellbeing, we are redefining work by making work that works – for everyone.

The Owl Who Realised His Full Potential

A story about how believing in Opportunities Without Limitations helped a courageous little OWL transform his life

Once upon a time, in a forest not so very far away, there lived an OWL.   

OWL was eager to explore beyond the forest boundaries. He believed in life’s limitless possibilities and was keen to seek new opportunities beyond the world he had always known. 

But the other creatures that lived there had no such desire. They did not care to see the world beyond what they were used to. For they were blind and did not see that the world is full of opportunity. 

OWL thirsted for knowledge and was hungry to grow and develop himself. Because even the wisest owl knows that there is always much to discover. 

But the other creatures scoffed at his ambition. They believed that they already knew everything there was to know. For they were blind and did not see that the world is full of opportunity.

OWL tried to encourage the other creatures to join him on his journey, so that they too could discover the riches of the world that lay beyond their forest.

But they were too fraught by fear to embrace change. “The world is dangerous and full of risks” they warned. For they were blind and did not see that the world is full of opportunity. 

OWL believed that the world is a bountiful place, and he was confident that a world of opportunity awaited him. 

And so one day, he left the tree that he had always known and away he flew, freeing himself from the boundaries of the forest and his own fears. For he knew that in order to grow he must take a risk and fly out of his comfort zone.  

Not so very far away, OWL discovered another forest. This one was filled with a community of  wonderfully diverse creatures who all shared the same positive mindset. 

Where others see limitations and problems, these creatures see exciting opportunities. Where others are fearful of and resistant to change, they revel in the positive challenge. And where others perceive only scarcity, they believe that there is always more – more ideas to try, more ways to grow, more to explore, more to achieve, and more opportunities to discover. 

Unlike the creatures in the first forest whose mindset was holding them back from living their lives to their full potential, OWL did not close his mind to the possibilities and opportunities that were all around him. OWL is now happy and thriving. He is discovering new and exciting things every day and 

he is finally realising his true potential. 

The moral of the story? 

Abundance thinking is the secret to seeing and making the most of the opportunities that are all around you. Believe in your inner OWL. Allow yourself to dream, have the courage to follow your ambitions, and seize opportunities as they come. 

At MoreNiche, there are no limits to the opportunities that await those who are willing to seek them out.


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