We are Team-shaped

Our Team-shaped people are one of the biggest secrets to our success. We recognise that everyone has unique skills and capabilities that extend far beyond their core expertise. Each and every MoreNicher is encouraged to utilise their abilities in any area of the business that excites them.

We’ve broken down traditional business hierarchy, eliminated silos, and leveraged the diverse skills of our people to create one, powerful Team of Teams. Our relationships are based on mutual trust, empathy, respect and support. We are genuinely invested in each other’s success, and we celebrate our shared achievements. Together we are Team-shaped.

Operating Principles

  • We are a collaborative team of teams. We encourage different opinions and perspectives, and we fully support and believe in one another. 
  • We build great teams by bringing great talent together, empowering them, enabling them, helping them grow and then getting out of their way. 
  • Our T-shaped people have both depth and breadth in their skills, with the flexibility to jump on new tasks and support their teammates to ensure things get done.
  • We don’t believe there should be strict guidelines on who can do what, or at what level. Everyone is empowered to step up, take action and show leadership.