We Keep it Simple

Our success relies on keeping what we do simple. We take a straightforward, common-sense, no bullshit approach to everything we do.  Complexity creates confusion, destroys productivity, wastes time and drains the joy out of what we do. We don’t overcomplicate and we don’t create needless obstacles for ourselves. We explore new possibilities and we try different things. We’re not afraid to experiment and we’re not afraid to fail. If it works, we keep doing it. If it doesn’t, we move on. Because business should be that simple.

Operating Principles

  • Business doesn’t need to be complicated – keeping it simple is part of our DNA. 
  • We know that while achieving ‘simple’ isn’t always easy, it’s always worthwhile. 
  • We embrace systems and processes that make everyone’s lives simpler, and that are genuinely useful and relevant to our work. 
  • In a culture of simplicity there’s no space for complicated relationships. We work hard to build open and honest relationships through healthy communication and open-mindedness. 
  • We strive for excellence but don’t wait for perfection.