We Rewrite the Rules

We don’t do convention. When it comes to how to do business, we’ve torn up the rule book. We don’t pay attention to what others are doing or how they’re doing it, and we never have. We are original and we do things our own way. We are audacious. We are bold. We are MoreNiche.

Operating Principles

  • We reject the traditional command-and-control management style. At MoreNiche, leadership isn’t about title, tenure or age; it’s about action.
  • Our flat management structure is defined by a high degree of autonomy and freedom to shape our own work environment, and everyone being empowered to make important decisions for the company.
  • We believe business can be win-win. We favour a collaborative vs. competitive approach, rejecting the traditional business model based on comparisons and competition.
  • We don’t strive after a mythical work/life balance. For MoreNichers, work and life are not two separate entities. Our work is challenging, fulfilling, fun, and a very important part of our lives!